The law of Abundance

Understanding the law of abundance

We live in an abundant universe. One which is infinite. One, where there is more than enough for everyone.

Our society will have us believe that there is a shortage of goods in the world. That not everyone can have what they desire, or even what they need. Luckily this is all false. The universe is bigger and more powerful than all of us.

The universe has everything we need, and is willing to give it to us. We must align ourselves to the frequency of the universe to receive all its blessings first. We must wire our brain, to accept this reality.

The reason so many people lack the ability to attract their desires is simple. They do not believe there is enough to go around. They believe the people who have more are simply more intelligent, or talented than them. These people believe there is nothing you can do about your place in the world.

Thankfully, they are wrong.

Your mind has power beyond anything you can imagine. The beliefs imbedded within it will make or break your reality. If you deeply believe that you do not deserve good things, you will never be able to attract what you desire. Not matter how hard you work on it.

Frequently, people do not even realize these negative beliefs are destroying any change they have at the life of their dreams. Since they are buried so deep within our subconscious mind, we do not even know they are there.

How does our subconscious mind work?

At the most basic level, the subconscious mind is the “behind-the-scenes” part of our mind. It is where all our beliefs and traits are found. Beliefs are built over time. They do not happen instantly and as such, they cannot be broken instantly either. But they can be replaced.

Any negative belief you have of yourself or your situation can be replaced with a positive one. Provided you work with diligence. The power of your mind comes from its ability to shape reality based on your deepest and most powerful beliefs. Thus, replacing feelings of scarcity with those of abundance is the first step in allowing the law to fully enter our lives.

Changing negative beliefs.

This step is a lot easier than most believe. The thing is: easy does not mean instant. This is a timely process which will not work if you do not work diligently on it.

To change beliefs, we need to follow a simple series of steps. We need to make a conscious effort to apply the following changes in our lives:

  1. Change our speech:

    Repetition is the first step in forging beliefs. Our speech patterns help shape who we are and what reality is like. Our subconscious mind does not think in temporary terms. Which is why simple beliefs like: “I can’t afford that,” “I am not smart enough,” or “I am just not as talented as he is.” Can completely derail all your efforts towards an abundant life.

    These statements shape our reality. They are ingrained so deeply within our mind that they become the only reality we know. The way to stop it is to change the speech from negatives to positives.

    “If I work hard I will be able to afford that,” “If I study I can be smart enough,” or “I may not be as talented, but I can work hard to get there.” These simple little changes do something of immense power.

    They open your mind to the possibility of a different reality. A better reality.

    This will not change your life overnight. But if you continually work to replace negative speech with positive, you will see changes in your life sooner than later. Work diligently.


  2. Change our environment:

    Where you are has a powerful effect on who you are. Your surroundings can easily affect your reality and shape your beliefs. If your home tells you: “You can’t afford anything good.” The sight of it daily will have you believing and living like it daily.

    Changing your environment does not have to mean moving. It can also mean re-organizing your home to better reflect who you want to be. Your home is where you go to sleep and wake up every day. You want this place to give you a positive feeling to end and start the day with.

    Positive massages spread around the house are a great start. Clearing room for the things you one day want to purchase for your house is another. Visualizing what you want your home to be like and planning towards it is a great way to set yourself up for a positive environment change.

    Changing your environment goes a bit deeper than just your home too. Changing the places you hang out at, and the people you interact with will go a long way into creating an environment that is pro-abundance.

    Having friends who continually put you or themselves down is a great way to repel abundance. The speech of those around us can impact us as negatively as our own. Interacting with people that provide you with a positive outlook is one way to get started with an effective environment change.

    An ideal environment is one which incites your growth, not one that limits it. If you find yourself stuck unable to progress, it might be time for a scene change.

  3. Change the images we see:

    Closely related to changing our environment. Changing images will help guide you towards abundance. The previously mentioned positive messages are a good start.

    Images do not need to be physical. You can have a mental picture of abundance, and complementary images around your home. Does a pool make you think of abundance? Place an image of you in or near a pool for you to see every day.

    The point here is to show your mind what is possible. To open to the possibility of a better reality. And images are a powerful tool in doing so.

  4. Change our actions:

The final step in attuning ourselves with the law of abundance might be the hardest. It is also the most powerful.

Our actions are what ultimately defines our reality. We have discussed how our thoughts and beliefs affect it, but our actions have the most impact. You may believe: “I can’t afford that car,” and you may be right at that point in time. Accepting the fact and changing nothing will make your reality permanent.

Changing your actions will allow you to direct your life towards the new possibilities that the previous three steps introduced you to.

Action is the universe’s favorite. The law of abundance rewards those who act over those who wish. Your mind might be in the right place with your beliefs: “I am smart enough,” “I can work hard enough to afford that car.” But ultimately you will only build up potential if you do not act on these beliefs.

The people on earth who seem to seamlessly attract abundance to their lives have set these four steps in motion. And they continue to do so daily. Abundance is not a 4-step one time blueprint. It is a lifestyle, one which will pay off for eternity. Assuming you put in the work and dedication.

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