Understanding the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: Understanding it and Applying it.

Initially introduced in Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret.” The law of attraction has gained massive popularity with spiritual people.  It speaks of how your thoughts shape your reality.

Whether they are conscious or subconscious thoughts, the law of attraction claims you have attracted everything in your life.

This is when people who are against the idea present it as a problem. “Am I really attracting all this negativity?” “I’m thinking positively, why are positive things now happening?” Are just a couple of thousands of questions that people use to attack the Law of Attraction.

This simple universal Law is very powerful when it comes to manifesting your dream life. And meeting your goals. Assuming you understand it and know how to use it.

Many people believe that a simple thought and affirmation will be enough. That with a 10-second thought everything in their life will turn around.

The way the law of attraction works is simple:

Through Beliefs. True and deep beliefs.

What you attract in your life comes through beliefs. If you have spent the last five years thinking “I am unworthy of good things.” Then you will attract a life unworthy of what you consider good things. But this does not come from the thought, or the continuous thinking. It comes from the belief.

Continuous repetition of thoughts can lead to believing. Which is how the Law of Attraction works. It attracts what you believe.

The book encourages you to create beliefs. Which is exactly how you attract your dream life. The power of this law does not come from mindless repetition like most people say. It does not come from sitting on your butt wishing you could have all the things you wish for.

The power of the Law attraction comes from believing. And Action on said beliefs.

When you can act on a belief that you can achieve what you set out for, there truly is nothing that can stop you from manifesting your dream life right in front of you. This is the power of the law of attraction.

The universe loves action. And it will reward those who act with the right mind.  With the right beliefs embedded deep within their selves.

This is when problems present themselves to many people who come across the law of attraction and decide to try it. How on earth do we change our beliefs?

While the process can be mapped out to a step-by-step guide, this does not mean it is necessarily simple. It takes work and dedication. But rewards you in ways you cannot even conceive right now.

The steps are:

Identify the limiting belief you want to replace:

What is holding you back? Finding the thought process and belief that is keeping you from achieving the life you desire is the first step. You need to take the time to truly identify this belief and define it thoroughly. “I am not good enough.” Is a common one, but you need to find the exact origin of the belief.

You can’t get rid of weeds until you pull them from the root. Why are you not good enough? What made you believe this so strongly that you can’t seem to progress in life because of it?

Do not be easy on anyone here. If you identify the root of the problem to one of your parents repeatedly putting you down be sure to identify it. Avoiding resentment since this is one of the most powerful negative emotions there are.

Once you identify the belief and its origin it is time to move on to the second step:

Pulling the belief out from the root:

The first thing you need to do is forgive yourself for believing what you do. Secondly you need to let go of the origin. If it was your parent putting you down, then you need to forgive them as well. Understanding that they did not mean to harm you.

Once you are able to forgive and let go of the origin you need a plan to replace the negative belief with a positive one:

Decide on a positive belief to replace the new one:

As obvious as this one seems, let me shed light on how exactly to go about it. If your negative belief is “I am not good enough,” you can easily replace it with its opposite “I am good enough.” That is what you want to do, replace with positives.

If your negative belief is “I am poor,” then you do not want to replace it with “I am not poor.” Because your mind still will continue to inherently think “Poor.” You want to replace it with “I am wealthy.” Or better yet: “I am wealth.”

The power of positives will always outweigh that of negatives. And knowing this will help speed up the limiting belief replacing process. Leading to step four.

Develop a plan to change your belief:

Constantly repeating the new belief to yourself is not very effective. It might eventually work, but I don’t really think you want to go around mindlessly repeating a phrase for five years.

To replace the limiting belief, you need to act. This means taking matters into your own hands.

You want to replace the scarcity belief with abundance? You need to start living like you have abundance. You want to stop being paralyzed by fear and have a belief of capacity to get things done? You need to start getting things done.

Here is where a lot of people find a hurdle and quit. They think big and find themselves overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with thinking big. As long as you can act small. You are replacing a belief that has plagued you for a long time. You cannot except to completely challenge it and overcome it overnight.

You need a plan. You are poor and will start acting wealthy. Well the wealthy certainly know how to differentiate needs from wants. See how to start?

Accumulating wealth is certainly not something you can do in a day. But learning the ways of the wealthy is.

As you begin to mold your lifestyle around the belief you want to acquire you will find that you can change your life on the belief alone.

Which leads us to the final step.

Make your belief a lifestyle, not a statement.

You will reach a point when you have an empowering belief over the limiting one. This is when you need to push further. Ensuring you live that belief. Your mindset and belief system are a lifelong process, and slacking will see you sliding down into the old habits which limited you.

The more you live your thoughts, the more you will be able to manifest them. The harder you work on what you believe in, the more success you will see.

Once you boil it down the law of attraction comes down to a simple thought:

Action is what makes the world go around.

Manifesting your dreams is about believing in them. And acting on them. One does not work without the other.

Passion will drive you further and further down the path of wealth, success and love. All you need to do is follow the simple outline which will lead you to replace all your negative beliefs.

Letting you tap into the law of abundance.

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